Our groundbreaking platform is built on three core pillars that set us apart from the competition. Our commitment to capturing the full spectrum of physical effects, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and speed, and delivering superior quality results, ensures that your designs are both accurate and optimized.

Full Physical Effects Capture

Accurate system analysis requires the modeling of complete physical effects such as 3D EM and multiphysics analysis. Unlike other tools, SuiEM solves the full Maxwell's equations without approximations, ensuring no critical effects are ignored. This thorough approach eliminates issues caused by overlooked physical phenomena, providing you with the most accurate simulations.

Efficiency and Speed

SuiEM is engineered to handle large, complex designs with ease. Its small memory footprint allows it to run on standard laptops, eliminating the need for large servers. Experience a dramatic reduction in extraction time from weeks to minutes, enabling you to achieve more in less time. Our tool surpasses others in managing intricate design complexities.

Superior Quality Results

Our commitment to excellence ensures that SuiEM delivers results that exceed industry standards. With specialized RLCK netlists, you can trust in the quality and reliability of your simulations. Achieve your quality objectives blazingly faster with predefined accuracy.

What can SUIEM do?

SUIEM supports a range of different modalities:

  • Full EM Extraction
  • RF mm Wave Circuits
  • Chiplets
  • TSVs
  • 3D Packaging Solutions
  • Full Chip Extraction
  • Thermal Analysis


What is SUIEM?


SUIEM is a state-of-the-art extraction, analysis, and optimization tools based on innovative proprietary in-house developed mathematical concepts.

What edge does SUIEM over other commercial tools?


SUIEM significantly reduces the computational time and resources required to perform complex modeling, analysis, and simulation tasks associated with the design of complex systems in a variety of domains.

What makes SUIEM unique?


SUIEM can capture full physical effects such as 3D EM and Multiphysics analysis. SUIEM Solves the full Maxwell’s equations without approximations, ensuring no critical effects are ignored. SUIEM is engineered to handle large complex designs with small memory footprint and dramatic reduction in extraction time from weeks to minutes.

What types of technologies are supported by SUIEM?


SUIEM supports various types of PDKs as long as the itf and layer map files are provided.

What are SUIEM input files?


You can start SUIEM either with a gds file or an intermediate language (il) file. For GDS mode: a GDS is required in addition to the PDK (itf and Layer map file). For IL mode: only IL file is required.

Is SUIEM compatible with other EDA tools?


Yes, SUIEM provides outputs in different formats like spice, spectre, and touchstone that are compatible with various EDA tools.


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